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go with the flow :-) **

By admin | Oktober 13, 2014

after seven years without holidays and being terribly exhausted i got my two weeks time window to see my favourite european isle again. i called the „hotel mama“ and asked if she had a room for me. she had and i got fitting flights by support of my good son. everything fell into places. my weather, the people i met (to mention especially amazing barka… kind of my younger version ;-)) my beach, my old good girl moped, my two or three favourite places to be, to eat, to dance, etc.etc….

one little „disturbing“ thing was from the third day regarding my bottomlip. my mistake. i had a wonderfull day with much sun and bathes in the salted sea and then in the evening i fell into a bad shaved man ruining my lip with an extra long wonderfull passionate kiss. ;-)
as he was in a long term relation he backtracked after i asked him to think about any further development (which could have brought him into attachement or trouble)…

my consequence of this amicable meeting brought me into concentration on my recreation and so it was perfect for me :-)

what the hell do i want to tell you girls with this ?

– either use special sun blocker (50+) for your lips from the first beach day

– or don’t ever kiss a bad shaved man

– or take the chance to enjoy and live with the consequences :-)

i am such a blessed and happy well recovered one. universe is brilliant.

no. i know. this isnt‘ world shaking.
best wishes

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