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h.u.g.s. !! – help us grow spiritually

By admin | Februar 10, 2014

I’m alive. :-) Didn’t post since nearly two years. Life and illness and deathes held me busy. Learned so many usefull things about health. F.e. about depression if uni or bipolar and there must be a reason I didnt‘ get it earlier. If you are suffering depression, please first of all get your thyroid checked by an endocrinologist. If it is functioning right, you may have a lack of Omega 3 and next step could be to improve it’s level by using olive oil, walnuts or eating more fish. Yes, I know it’s difficult from the veggie side of the theme and from the radiation side since Fukushima….

Did you know that decades before natural healing methods even for cancer have been found ? Mother nature delivers every cure for every disease. Herbs like artemisia annua or hemp oil against cancer, coconut oil against Parkinson, curcuma longa against inflammation in bones (rheumatism, arthrosis) or brain (dementia, alzheimer’s) etc.

Best therapy nevertheless is staying healthy. Mind your food, your work life balance AND the amount of LOVE and HUGS in your life. Don’t cling too much on your iphone, tv or computer. Go out, get some vitamin D from the SUN and HUG a lot :-) !!** Twenty seconds minimum per hug is best for energy exchange. Mine has always been earth energy and so I can pass it on without loosing mine… what’s your’s ?

Even in a difficult world… keep going. Nothin‘ to hope, nothin‘ to fear, nothin‘ to judge – just do what’s in front of your nose. Joy and fearlessness is the object of the play. Compassion and wisdom will lead you the path.

Best wishes
2014. the year of shift.

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